Why automation will save you time and money

Just a few decades ago, it was thought that by now automation would be doing all our work for us. We will all be free from manual work and our businesses will tick over! Huzza!

Well, that utopian dream never materialised. We’re still stuck at our desks, only now we are stuck doing even more manual tasks on computers.  

Thankfully, all businesses can benefit from automation in some form. With the right software/hardware solution, it’s possible to automate any workflow, from stock importing and lead nurturing to layers of customer service.

The idea is to automate the work that would otherwise require a person. This saves time and money by freeing up resources. Automation allows us to retune how we use our time so that we have more control over what we do.  

If you are overburdened, automation will transform your business. We would go so far as to say that it’s the single best investment you can make.   

Why automate?

Automation is great for all the things that people are not very good at doing. Freeing yourself and your workers from their monotonies will unlock worker-time and increase the quality and speed of laborious tasks.

This is a golden opportunity to make your business more efficient. More automation does not mean less control – it means more control over what you can do.

It just doesn’t make economic sense to do manual tasks if they can be automated. Why spend hours checking stock levels in your e-commerce store if a software module can do it instantly? Why have workers create and update customer information if a CRM can do it for you? Automation always wins at manual processes.

How automation saves you time and money

For decades, workers have wasted energy on mundane jobs, or worse, they have been trapped in a work dynamic that doesn’t optimise their talents. This costs money through inefficiency and it’s plain bad for morale.

Automation enables you to increase the productivity of your most important asset – your people – while solving issues in business processes.

Here are 8 ways automation will save you time and money:

  1. Unburden your workforce

Free your workers from low-hanging fruit and watch them thrive. When people are freed from mundane tasks they have the time to interact with others and add value. You and your workers will be free to focus on what you are good at.  

  1. Increase productivity

If time is money, automation is a goldmine. As your technology demands grow, you can meet them without stretching your resources thin. Automate manual processes so that your systems and workflows run like clockwork.

  1. Solve issues in your business processes

Whether we’re talking about unnecessary work being undertaken, poor organisation, missed deadlines or specific problems like unmanaged data, data entry and incomplete reviews, automation provides permanent solutions.  

  1. Increase accuracy

There’s always the potential for human error with manual tasks. Automation suffers from no such thing so long as the solution is properly configured. This will increase the accuracy and confidence you have in your processes.  

  1. Accelerate decision-making

Automation can accelerate and simplify decision-making in a range of applications, from loan decisions to what features to add to an app next. It can be used to assist with human decisions, or it can make decisions for you using AI.   

  1. Reduce workforce training

If your business invests in workforce training for manual tasks like data entry then you will save a packet through automation. For example, workers don’t need to know about manual data entry if you have a module that does it automatically.

  1. Reduce employee turnover

An unburdened workforce is a happier workforce. No one wants to be stuck at a desk doing the same things every day. You can automate to motivate and enable workers to do the jobs they are best at. This will increase loyalty and reduce employee turnover.

  1. Deliver a better customer experience

You can automate various aspects of your customer’s experience, from pre-filling online forms with information to answering questions with an AI chatbot. Automation can lower the cost of customer interaction and improve the quality of service.

Summing up

Why automate at all? Because today’s digital economy demands it if you want to be competitive. Automation isn’t new and the best businesses are using it to scale up and free up resources. You will be left behind if you don’t do it.    

Barriers in your way to automation probably include not having the time, coding expertise or staff to pursue it. Dunamis is here to help. We specialise in developing elegant solutions that solve problems. Call us on 0121 798 0249 for a chat.

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