Useful Links

Below is a list of useful links, whether they’re friends of Dunamis or organisations/people that we feel would be helpful to you. Please enjoy 🙂

Broadband Glossary
Confused by what the terms IOT, FUP and WiMax mean. Virgin Media has a very informative glossary available on their site explaining these and many other internet terms. Take a look.

Presentation Manager
Presentation Manager is a multi-media presentation package designed for use by churches to present their worship services to a congregation. It is a powerful package that features quick display options and access to songs, bible passages and slideshows. Created by Creative Lifestyles, Inc.

Shiloh Computers
A UK head quartered IT provider who we are good friends with. They specialise in providing affordable IT support and solutions to non-profits and small/medium businesses. If you have IT needs in your organisation give them a call, they might be able to help. /

Automation Manager
If you require Machine Vision software then don’t look any further than this excellent software from Soft Automation Inc. They have the most flexible and modular machine vision software you’ll ever find with modules for everything, ranging from taking measurements from probes, analysing images on the fly, to running a bespoke api server for remote management of machines.

Disclaimer: These links are simply for informational purposes and provided without guarantee of the contents of the external links. Dunamis Web Services cannot be help responsible for the content of external websites.