Stay focused on your mission

Stay focused on your mission

In a world of distractions, you don’t need your organisation’s digital needs to distract you from your primary purpose.

Stay focused on your mission.

Partner with a company you can trust, and let us take care of your needs, so you can tackle what is most important to you.

Instal-Life TV, a Christian satellite provider, was spending inordinate amounts of time inputting tv program data, from spreadsheets, onto their website to provide customers with a live TV schedule.

As you can imagine this was tedious, time-consuming work that had a margin of human error and took time away from their main purpose.

Dunamis web services were employed, through a third-party, to provide an automated online solution that ensured the schedule was always up-to-date and correct. We wrote a custom WordPress module that generates a schedule from information scraped from the various TV channel websites.

Instal-Life was able to release their time back to working on their goal of supplying quality Christian TV to their customers with the knowledge that their online TV schedule was now accurate and

Bridges Christian College, based in the United States, was in the midst of a transition from being Church affiliated to becoming an independent higher education institution. They needed their marketing site and Learning Mangement System setup.

Dunamis Web Services were able to take care of Bridges marketing site, installing, configuring and branding a WordPress installation. We took care of their LMS, a Moodle install, ensuring that it was correctly installed, configured, had all the modules needed to allow Bridges to run their courses and that the install reflected Bridges branding.

Bridges were able to navigate their transition smoothly and confidently in the knowledge that two major components of their institution were taken care of.

At Dunamis we have the skills and knowledge to help your organisation worry about accomplishing your mission with confidence that your digital needs are being taken care of in good safe hands.

Whether you need a promotional web presence, an e-commerce store, a membership site, landing pages for your marketing efforts, Customer Relationship Management software, custom software or anything else. We can help. We are ready and waiting to hear from you. Get in touch today for a free no-obligation consultation.