E-Commerce application handling multiple storefronts

Soft Automation's storefront

The Pain Point

Soft Automation, Inc./Creative Lifestyles, Inc., a company that services two different industries with different products, was maintaining and managing multiple online stores across several websites. Each store had its own inventory and customers but all were going back into the same back-office system. Soft Automation wanted to manage the multiple storefronts through one piece of software that integrated with their custom back-office.

The Solution

We provided a custom PHP application that handled multiple storefronts, each with their own unique products and processing configuration. The configuration was loaded from XML files generated by the company’s back-office software. Features included a catalogue display system, ajax enabled cart, order payment and processing, download handling, and email order handling.

The Result

Soft Automation was able to manage its storefronts very easily and add any number of storefront through generating configuration files from its back-office software. Time was saved in that there was now much simpler configuration and no need for managing stores across multiple sites.

https://www.creativelifestyles.com / https://www.softautomation.com