Rewrite of legacy software to modern standards

CollSys Bespoke Software

The Pain Point

Collsys a provider of work experience software had made the decision to move from legacy Cold Fusion based software to a more well supported language, PHP. Their in-house development team we’re new to PHP and they needed help and guidance on the conversion process.

The Solution

Dunamis were asked to come alongside the existing development team and train them in modern development practices as well as helping them learn and implement the rewrite in the PHP language and a popular framework.

Besides the move to PHP and the training they received we also helped to implement integrations with a caching system and full-text search engine to improve the responsiveness of the software and well as suggesting and implementing other software enhancements to improve the user interface and feature set.

The Result

A successful launch of a rewritten WEX platform in a tight 4 month time frame and an in-house team much more confidence in themselves due to modern development processes that were put in place by us.