Automated TV schedule for Satellite TV company

Instal-Life online TV schedule

The Pain Point

Instal-Life, a satellite TV provider based in Australia, were manually updating their online TV schedule from data provided by the various TV channels that they carried. This was done by a member of staff each week copying data from excel spreadsheets onto the website, it was a time-consuming process that would sometimes produce incorrect schedules while taking precious time away from their staff.

Instal-Life asked for an automated solution to be provided that would enable their staff to be freed up to concentrate on other tasks while giving them the confidence that customers would have the right information on the programmes that were available to watch.

The Solution

We developed a custom WordPress module that generated a responsive TV schedule automatically from scrapped information provided by the various tv channels websites. The solution included helpful features for their customers such as the ability to print a customised schedule, export the schedule as a PDF, show the schedule in a user-selected timezone and search the schedule for specific programs.

The Result

A fully-automated schedule that did not require any input from the staff to run or maintain. A significant amount of time now freed up for staff to concentrate on more important tasks.