E-Commerce solution for Gift Jar company

Gigis Jars e-commerce website

The Pain Point

Gigi’s Jars, a UK gifts company, was launching its new business and needed some e-commerce software to sell and manage their inventory and orders. As they were also doing local offline events they needed an easy to use system that would allow them to sell their product online as well as offline, providing them with the ability to use the software as a back-office system.

The Solution

Dunamis installed, configured and branded a self-hosted Prestashop installation. Prestashop provided Gig’s Jars with a unified back-office that ran both online and offline sales. The software was populated with product and training was provided on using the software.

The Result

Gigi’s Jars were able to launch their business both online and offline utilising the same back-office enabling them to concentrate more on sales, marketing and production while saving on time spent doing administration.