Bible College transitions to hosted services

Bridges Christian College Moodle Installation

The Pain Point

Bridges Christian College, a US based Bible College, was transitioning to become an independent Bible College after many years of being a church-affiliated institution. They needed to focus on the administration around that change. In the process they needed a new promotional site to attract prospective students and also needed to move their existing Moodle LMS installation from being on-site hosted to being cloud-hosted.

The Solution

We worked with Bridges on their marketing website producing a WordPress site that promoted the college to potential students and allowed the college to capture potential students information. The site was also integrated with their student management system so that current students could access relevant information such as class schedules and the college handbook.

We moved their existing Moodle installation to a VPS-hosting provider and rebranded and re-configured the software to reflect the new branding and integrate with new third-party services.

The Result

Bridges Christian College were able to navigate their transition to becoming an independent Bible College with the knowledge that they could attract new students, services existing students and provide courses online through their Moodle LMS installation without interruption to their existing students.