Marketing and information site for artisan event company

Big Creek Trade Days Website

The Pain Point

Big Creek Trade Days were launching a new business and needed a website to help promote their business and attract customers and vendors.

They did not have the expertise within the company to create a compelling website and relied on a website builder to just get something out there.

Features that were required were missing, such as an events calendar and vendor directory and these needs were not a priority due to having to launch the business and be ready for opening day.

The Solution

Dunamis were asked to handle the job and we created a WordPress website with a custom theme that provided an easy to manage vendor directory and events management tools.

Other important information was also added to the site including downloadable forms for potential vendors. Galleries were added to help promote the events. Front page promotional and marketing messages were implemented and made easy to change out.

The Result

An easy to manage and maintain promotional website that allowed the company to focus on the tasks that were most important to them while giving them the online presence that they needed.