Automated Stock Importer for High Volume e-Commerce site

The Pain Point

Shiloh Computers Pty Ltd, an Australian IT reseller, were wanting to grow their online sales but were hitting a wall with staff time being taken up with the tedious process of ensuring that stock levels and pricing of their products were up-to-date and competitive. They wanted to automate the process of combining stock levels, cost and pricing from several suppliers and having it automatically update their e-Commerce system on a daily basis.

The Solution

We created a module for Shiloh Computer’s e-Commerce system that pulled data from their suppliers stock feeds allowing Shiloh to set filters and data transformations that gave them control over how cost and pricing was set for a product as well as ensuring that their stock levels were accurate. The module also allowed them to add new products from the external feeds that were not currently in their system and flag up products that were no longer being supplied.

The Result

Shiloh’s website is now updating stock and pricing from a number of suppliers feeds ensuring the Shiloh is competitive and that staff are able to focus on other tasks such as marketing, processing and customer support. Since the software was installed they have been able to drastically increase the range of products they offer and their sales revenue has increased by over 60%.